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Opening Doors that Transform 
Women Lives

Leveraging the power of community we provide women with the guidance, support and resources needed to put an end to aimless living and step into a more purposeful and meaningful life. 

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Our Mission

The divine call to empower women with tangible tools to transform their lives by developing and nurturing their divine talents and gifts is the desire of the Father's heart for my life. Providing women with the resources needed to be successful while promoting spiritual, physical, and mental wellbeing.  

Our wings of hope home page .png

Resources and community to transforms.

Join us and become a more empowered woman with the tangible tools that will transform and change the trajectory of your life. 

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Meet Michelle

Michelle Davey is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, author, and speaker who is passionate about empowering women.  After experiencing her own traumatic events, she pursued a career as a mental health therapist.  During her journey, Michelle chose to coach women who had lost their voice.  She is inspired by the strength and resiliency of the women she has served, and gains strength by being a part of their healing journey as they rediscover their voice. 

Michelle is the founder of Our Wings of Hope, an online platform that provides women with essential resources.  She and her husband have three children and reside in Maryland.  Michelle is the author of the Children’s Book, My Voice is My Superpower.  Michelle enjoys morning walks, roller skating, and reading books with her youngest daughter and co-author, Laiya. 

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