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Hello and Welcome!

Welcome, from the igniters and award-winning authors of "My Voice is My Superpower." This unique and uncanny author duo is a mother-daughter force for the amplification and movement of children's voices globally. From what started with the release of a seemingly small voice to the continued momentum of the spoken words of faith, a movement was birthed. A movement that will provide a tool for parents, guardians, teachers, librarians, schools, guidance counselors and many others that will unlock voices that otherwise would have never spoken up or out.          

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"The illustrations are bold and beautiful, just like the girls portrayed in the story. Empower the young girls in your life with this superpower story."

-Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review


Meet Michelle Davey, LCSW-C, CCTP

Michelle Davey is a Mental Health Therapist and Transformational Life Coach who is passionate about helping women heal from their past trauma(s).  After experiencing her own traumatic events, she pursued a career as a mental health therapist.  During her journey, Michelle chose to coach women who had lost their voice due to trauma.  She is inspired by the strength and resiliency of the women she has served and gains strength by being a part of their healing journey as they rediscover their voices. Michelle is the founder of Our Wings of Hope (www., an organization that provides women with essential resources. Michelle enjoys morning walks, roller skating, and reading books with her youngest daughter, Laiya, who is also the co-author of My Voice Is My Superpower. 

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Meet Princess Laiya, The Voicer 

Princess Laiya, who is the main character of My Voice Is My Superpower, is an energetic and bright 9-year-old.  She is known as the “Voicer” because she is definitely one who voices her thoughts.  She was an intricate and powerful voice in the process of birthing her first co-authored book with her mother.  From the vague seed of an idea to the intricate details of each character, Princess Laiya divinely used her superpower – her voice.  She even casually and wittingly injected her voice into the arena of web design.  This smart, talented and inspiring young princess in the making will be a leading voice to be reckoned with for the lives of other young girls around the world – and when asked, she is up to the task. 

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