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Ask The Therapists extends its transformative impact to organizations through specialized group coaching opportunities. By harnessing the power of therapeutic principles, our group sessions are crafted to enhance the emotional well-being of individuals, groups, and teams.

Uncover the collective potential for growth and delve into the journey of emotional exploration, understanding, and growth within your organization. Our experienced therapists guide you through sessions tailored to address communication challenges, foster team cohesion, and nurture a mentally resilient workplace or culture.

In these group coaching sessions, we not only delve into individual emotional freedom but also cultivate a shared journey toward enhanced understanding, empathy, and collaboration.


Your organization's path to emotional well-being and collective growth begins here with Ask The Therapists, where transformative opportunities embrace a wide spectrum of experiences and aspirations

Michelle Davey


Licensed Therapist, Trauma Professional,

Transformational Life Coach

Kimberly Davis


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Transformational Coach

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Important Disclosure

Ask the Therapists is an informational platform designed for the purpose of facilitating open discussions and providing insights. It is not a substitute for professional therapy or counseling services. The information shared on this platform is intended for general guidance and support. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or require therapeutic intervention, please seek assistance from a licensed mental health professional or contact emergency services in your area. By engaging with Ask the Therapist, you acknowledge and understand that the platform does not constitute therapeutic services, and any information shared is not a replacement for professional advice.

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