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Do you not see it?

God is doing a new thing! Don't get stuck in the Familiar!

Sometimes we get so comfortable in doing the things we are so used to doing (because we do it well) that it becomes a routine instead of a CALLING! When this happens - it can get pretty muddy. The lines of pursuit of clarity and purpose is muddied between routine and CALLING! There is a distinct difference.

In this season God is calling us out into the deep. Yes, it will be UNCOMFORTABLE and UNFAMILIAR! But remember, you prayed for change and there's a PROCESS before the change takes place! Purpose will always call you into the deeper things that God has for you. It will not be found on the comforts of the sandy beach shore.

It will not be found in the areas where you can still stand up and walk and your head is above water. At some point, you are going to have to come off of your feet - and swim. Kick your feet and wade your arms through the waters of life with all of it's seen and unseen challenges (waves).

A cocoon was not meant to be a home, it is a place of TRANSFORMATION and REBIRTH!

A dark place that is calm, inviting, and invigorating. Although transformation can be scary, the cocoon is not a scary, dark place where you go to get purpose snatched out of you.

No! The cocoon is the safe place where the unconditional and limitless love of our Father God meets you to make EVERYTHING new! Yes! Not remolded or upgraded - but new.

In Isaiah 43:19 God tells us, "I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland." The question of if you see it or not can actually be seen as a command to focus on what lies ahead in the deep waters of your life - PURPOSE. Purpose is always found on the other side of the cocoon.

In order to walk in your purpose, you have to step out into the deep like Peter (Matthew 14:22-32). God bid him to come and provided the resources for him to do so. He didn't begin to sink until after he took his eyes off God and was focused on his situation. Once he refocused on God, he was able to continue his journey walking on water (the impossible).

My prayer for you is that you will keep your eyes on God and not on the water, and that he will give you the strength and courage to walk in the UNFAMILIAR. Go ahead! Step in! You have permission to walk on water! Yes! You have permission to launch out into the deep. It is where purpose floats on the waves of destiny - waiting your arrival. You have permission to do the impossible. Go on now ~ and walk on water! Do the impossible!

Until we blog again,

Michelle Davey, MSW, LCSW-C Founder of Our Wings of Hope, LLC


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