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I AM A VOICE . . .

The voice of TRANSITION You know that in between, when Winter is ending and Spring is almost here but not quite, and you’re undecided if you need to wear a coat or a sweater, pants or shorts, boots or flip flops.

Transition feels like that, being in the middle. Not really sure if you should continue doing things the way you’ve been doing it, or should you change clothes even though you don’t exactly know what the weather will be like. Either way, you have to make a decision.

I know you’re comfortable in the familiar, you feel like an expert and now you’re being called into something you have no clue about. And its’ scary, uncomfortable, unfamiliar, uncertain, your knees are shaking and your stomach is in knots. You’re contemplating staying in the familiar even though you know that season is coming to an end. Well guess what? It’s not an option. The season is changing whether you think you're ready or not. But the option you do have, is choosing whether you’ll go into the next season prepared for the weather ahead, or risk freezing or overheating.

Transition is necessary for our growth. When we are in that season of life when we have everything all figured out and every day starts looking and feeling the same, it’s time for transition.

It’s time to step into the next season where everything looks different, smells different and feels different. It’s time to grow into a new season. A season that you're ready to conquer, even though you don't feel prepared.

You know what gives me comfort when my knees are shaking and I’m not sure what’s ahead, the comfort of knowing that the last time I was called into a new season, I am now walking in that same season that I was once scared to step into. . . WHEW!! I want you to look back and remember how many times you’ve transitioned into a new season and you DID NOT DIE!! Remember when you didn’t have it all figured out but somehow ALL THINGS WORKED TOGETHER FOR YOUR GOOD! All you had to do was keep moving forward, even when you didn’t understand.

I want to encourage you today, truth be told I’m also encouraging myself. KEEP MOVING! Do not get too comfortable in your current season. Be open to transition, welcome it. It’s proof that you’ve mastered your current season and are now ready for the next season (level). How exciting!!

So, I leave you with the question we should all ask ourselves, will I be in this same season of complacency five years from now, or will I TRANSITION into my new season?

Until we blog again,

Michelle Davey, MSW, LCSW-C Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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