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I AM A VOICE . . .

Let me introduce myself . . . I AM A VOICE!!

I know you’re saying to yourself, I already know who you are. Well, let me RE-INTRODUCE MYSELF, I AM A VOICE is the voice that’s inside of you!!

I AM A VOICE has been with you since birth. When you were born, I AM A VOICE was the signal of life as the doctors awaited your cry.

When you were a baby, I AM A VOICE was sounding the alarm when you were hungry, wet,or just wanted to be held. As you grew older, I AM A VOICE also grew. Now, depending on your life circumstances and the other voices (parents, guardians, teachers, friends, etc.) that spoke into you, I AM A VOICE either grew stronger within you or grew further away from you.

Whatever your current situation, I AM A VOICE is here to remind you that she is still with you and wants you to embrace her. She was created to be heard and is always speaking. Even in silence, she still speaks. However, sometimes the loud noises of fear, discouragement, and doubt make it hard to discern her soft, still voice and can lead us to believe that I AM A VOICE doesn’t exist.

Do you hear her whispering your name?

I AM A VOICE calls to you every morning as you open your eyes to the sound of your breath. . . she calls to you as you’re doing laundry and taking in that fresh linen smell. . . she calls to you as you’re shampooing your hair and listening to the sound of water flowing through your hair. . . she calls to you as you lay your head down for the night and are reminded of the dreams you had as a little child.

Why is she calling to you? Because it’s time . . .

The Voice of Destiny is Calling.

Will you answer?

Michelle Davey, MSW, LCSW-C Mental Wellness Coach



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